What good friends are for....

In that last embarrasing post, you may recal that I had a little "set back" but thanks to the encouragement and assistance of a good buddy, we were able to re-stack the dominos so that I can fire up the lazer level to make sure the forms are square and level to the strongback again. Once this is done, I can refasten all my 3/4in x 1 3/4in stringers and start forming and laying and edge gluing the 3/4 in thick vertical core cell foam.......

This time, I'm extra motivated because the piece that pops out of this mold is the inner port section that I really need to button up the port side hull.

Again,.....aside from laughable mistakes and the occational goof ups on my part, this ship is a blast to build.

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Some times it's probably just best to go inside and read rather than work on the boat.
While attempting to "flip flop" the inner starboard mold profiles 180 deg on the strong back, I somehow managed to bump mold form 2 into mold form 3 and watched in horror as 3 hit 4, 4 hit 5, 5 hit 6 and on and on until my entire mold went flat.

It's sort of like accidentally bumping your elbow on a priceless ming Vase and watching the scene play out in slo mo.......I
didn't know whether to try a sprint to mold form 7 to head the whole thing off or just kick back and enjoy the show.

about all I could do was laugh at myself .

I'm posting this mainly to show folks that stupid things happen so don't give up.

If I can build the super cruiser I'm sure you can too......and I'm darn well gonna build her.

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