engine controls

Being a twin engine craft, I needed to be able to  control both engines, at both steering stations.  To do this, I opted to go with two single function controls each side.   With these controls, the boat should be able to be maneuvered like a battle tank or bull dozier .........I'll no doubt have to deal with a bunch of cables but the alternative is to spend thousands on electronic controls.  The trick will be figuring out a way to mount them so that they do not take up too much space down below in the aft cabins....... Maybe I'll need to build pedestals for them?........I'm just making stuff up as I go.



forward cabin floor boards

Rather than have one big floor panel in the forward cabins, I chose to create two floor panels for a total of four; starboard / port. I used cardboard to make templates that I could check for fit.  Once I got the shape, traced around the templates onto 1  1/4 inch foam then vac bagged them all in one shot.


forward cabin floors

The two forward cabins offer a good amount of floor space and I have chosen to create floor board edge mounts which will allow me to create removable floor panels. Seen here is the forward, starboard hull cabin area. I've bonded the edge mounts in place with double bias glass tape and epoxy then used strips of peel ply to minimize the need for any sanding. Note: the cross wise floor stiffener is made up of multiple layers of 4 in wide core cell foam bonded in place with a full layer of 24oz triaxial glass. Each forward cabin will have two floor boards with the edges meeting along the hull stiffeners. This will allow me to create a shower pan floor board with a drain  that will allow the bilge area beneath to become a catchment for the shower.  A bilge pump can then be added to empty the used shower water.........as odd as it may be to some, a recirculating shower system can help to conserve fresh water by allowing ample wash water flow which can then be finished off with a final fresh water rinse.