Fridge / freezer box: a plan from top to bottom

From all manner of sources, an important aspect of any top loading fridge / freezer is a double sealed top. In my case I created the profile by using three different thicknesses of foam which I will glass and vacuum bag to create a wrap around top that I will bond to the flush top of the cabinet. The next few steps will be to build the butterfly opening top with double seals, bond a Formica laminate to the top surface of the cabinet box and top, apply a two ply bamboo veneer to the outside of the box for cosmetics then finish the box with an aluminum strip of edging to give it a nice professional look. 

From top to bottom, here's my plan:
  1. icebox top surface smoothed to accept chamfered opening ( steps 2, 3 and 4)
  2. nest layer of 3/4 in dyvinicell foam,  1 1/4 inch beveled layer of foam
  3. 1/4 inch spacer which will be covered with 6 ply cabinit grade plywood
  4. final surface laminate to top
  5. veneer exterior cabinet
  6. install edging
  7. apply internal glazing ( a simple rolled on mixture of epoxy, titanium dioxide and cabosil to prevent "running" This I have found produces a thick, rock hard glossy surface that is easy to clean and avoids all the labor of having to spray expensive automotive coatings such as deadly polyurethane imron or synthetic enamels. 
  8. Install the guts ( a modular Fridgoboat system http://frigoboat.com/)
  9. Install evaporator
  10. Components: (The guts)
  11. 200F Evaporator - 40.25"w x 10.5"h, Flat Plate
    install compressor

  12. K50-AEO with AEO control 
    (This unit has an electronic "smart" speed control that automaticly adjusts the compressor RPM to provide the precise amount of refrigeration necessary for the job at hand so that the unit runs at a lower rate for a longer time thereby creating higher efficiencies than if it were to rune wide open for shorter times.) 

  13. install keel cooled condenser to prevent cabin heat buildup in the tropics
  14. Keel Cooler thread-mounted condenser
    Install freezer thermostat
    Thermostat, Coastal Digital Fahrenheit and Celsius 12v
  15. Install spill over unit
Spillover fan/thermostat kit, mechanical

This device pulls cold air from the freezer section and dumps the right amount of chilled air into the refridgerator portion while excess air flows back into the freezer portion.  This thermostat can be set above freezing while the freezer unit can be set well below freezing as desired....
    I plan on trailing a fishing line off the transom and packing this freezer with fish for my family. Not to mention "ice for the blender that will soon render that tropical concoction that helps one hang on"


    pouring the foam

    Here's the fridge / freezer cabinet after positioning the ice box in place and pouring a 2 lb /ft ^3 expanding polyurethane foam. I measured out enough to fill the bottom and then started filling the side cavities with smaller batches until the foam expanded up beyond the top. I then ran a hand saw around the top to level the foam. This fridge / freezer will have a butterfly top that will allow individual access to each compartment.