Rorschach Mandolbrot chain plate infusion

here are a series of photographs showing the resin infusion of two carbon fiber chainplates:

laying out the flow media

Can you spot my foolish mistake? 
( flow medium on the wrong side of peel ply )

The flow begins

Flowing nicely

Almost there

completely infused

Mandolbrot or.....

 Rorschach ?



Carbon Chain plates

Seen here are the beginnings of two of the three most important parts of the cats rig.......the two chain plates.  Along with the fore stay, a failure in any one of the three will bring the rig down.

The raised diagonal portion of these plates contains 10 layers of unidirectional carbon fiber that wraps up and over stainless steel spools and is interlaced with several additional layers of glass.  At this point, all reinforcement fabric has been lightly tacked in place with 3M -77 spray adhesive in preparation for a very critical resin infusion process.


The plank

If your going to have to walk a plank, It may as well be a very lightweight composite plank with high density inserts and epoxy micro balloon reinforcements. Seen here hanging on a 2 ton chain hoist is the core blank that will become a walkway between the two hull sections.  Once laminated, it will become a structural portion above the bow tube that in turn will house the telescoping bow pole.