Hurricane Fortress

Here I am confirming the geometry of the bow anchor rollers.  I've taken the basic measurements provided by the plan set, plotted them out full scale on a scrap piece of OSB and used this to check the fit of my fortress XF-85 hurricane anchor.  After making slight adjustments to the pivot points of the rollers, I created a computer model that I can use to generate a cutting file so that the parts of the anchor roller assembly can be water jet cut, welded, anodized and then bonded in place to the under side of the bow beam.

In most situations, this size anchor will probably be entirely too large but since I am planning on sailing this boat into the Gulf of Mexico, I don't want to have to drag this boat off the beach and into the water again.  It's a real inconvenience to have to stop what you're doing and spend time and energy getting a boat back into the water after one of these pesky little hurricanes.  


Atlantic Hurricane season ends today

Although "Mariana" is currently in build on the Pacific west coast  (Hood River, Oregon. USA,)   Our first year plan is to  make our way back into what I consider to be my "home waters" of the gulf of Mexico and Caribbean.

Here's this years hurricane season compressed into 4 1/2 minutes.