all I want for christmas....

is some Vetus exhaust hose.....and a back ordered gooseneck in a pair tree.


Port side exhaust system install

I't s bit nerve wracking drilling a hole in a perfectly good boat but the installation of engine exhaust systems require it to be done.  Vetus exhaust system documentation specifies minimum and maximum dimensions of various heights so it's more than just drilling holes and attaching tubes.

The exhaust tips specifiy a minimum of 5cm above H2O line.  I gave myself 10 but it still seems a bit close to the water.  (I guess I'll put my trust in the God of Vetus on that one )

The exhaust tip came with a nice pre formed sticky gasket so a couple of minutes with a hole saw and the tip was ready to install.

 A chop saw fitted with an abrasive blade makes short work of the wire reinforced rubber exhaust hose. 

Here's a blurry shot of the port side exhaust configuration.  Again, it's comprised of a water lock, a gooseneck a silencer and an exhaust tip.  All in all, it's a good thousand + bucks worth of plastic and rubber. She should be a quite cat.