Starboard anchor well panel

In order to create a bulkhead to seperate the anchor well from the starboard forward cabin area, I needed to take measurments that would allow me cut out the required shape.  To do this, I established 5 points about a ft. apart and then ran a string from the lower corners. I then took measurments that would allow me to plot the curve on the panel.

 As an example, station 5 had a 2 7/8 offset.  I used a sharpy to make a dot then after laying out all the points, I used a flexible strip of wood to scribe the curve.

Here's the layout marks taken from all the measurements

And then, the final  panel laminated both sides with 24 oz triaxial glass and epoxy which is now ready to be installed.  For a little added piece of mind, I ran two additional strips of unidirectional glass to give the panel an additional level of rigidity