Internal bedding in of the bow tube

Out of respect for the confidentiality of the F-44SC designer, I rarely include direct information taken from the plan set. However, in this instance, I am including a small portion to merely show the high degree of detail that is provided in the licensed plan set.  Here is an excellent example of how the plans offer unparalleled descriptions of all critical assembly details. 

Here, I have laminated several sections of core cell foam to create the end caps.

I am test fitting the foam cap in preparation of bonding the entire area with micro balloon fillets and two layers of double bias glass tape.


 It's sometimes good to step back and remind yourself that it's a boat that you are building.....otherwise it just seems like a big pile of foam, glass and epoxy.

here I am standing low


Here, you can see the bow beam which is now bonded to the hulls; inside and out.

inside sub bulkhead

The sub bulkhead also incorporates a web that utilizes 4 layers of unidirectional glass to help distribute the cross beam loads into the forward hulls. Here I have prepared the glass reinforcements in preparation of saturating them in epoxy and laminating them in place.

  here is the finished structure as seen in the forward starboard hull.........since this is a cat, there is now a mirror image of this work inside the port side hull as well. As a reminder of where the pre fitted glass pieces should go, I use a sharpy pen to label them and this always shows though.