Bedding the hatches in using butyl rubber tape

I chose to use a butyl rubber tape to bed all of the deck hardware in place along with stainless bolts, washers and locknuts.  The butyl rubber tape stays pliable for years and while sealing all potential leaks, it allows the hardware to be removed without destruction in the future.  In this case, I ran two layers of butyl tape along the hatch frames and began the process of bolting all 10 of the hatches in place. ( two lower escape hatches and 8 deck and cabin hatches.)

Butyl tape being applied to hatch frame

nuts, bolts and washers.

A cordless driver fitted with a deep well socket made short work of fastening the locknuts from below.  Each hatch requires 19 fasteners.


Coordinated Universal Time

 I picked up an older Icom m700 single side band radio and a SEA antenna tuner so when i need to know the coordinated universal time, all I have to do is tune it to group A, mode A3H channel 2.

notice the incandescent light bulb.  To check the output transmit power functionality, I was able to wire the bulb into the antenna outlet and the bulb lights up brightly when speaking into the microphone.........This is a good indication that the radio may stand a chance of being able to serve a purpose on the boat. SSB's may be old school, but I think that having this unit on board will be a lot of fun.

Also, when it's too cold and dark to work on the boat, having it on a table inside provides a nice place to eat small bits of dark chocolate and listen out for mariners in distress.

the results of properly applied deck non skid

The outside temperature here in the Pacific North West was around 43 degrees today but by splitting 4 big logs and keeping a good fire going in the shop heater, I was able to get the 60 ft shop up to 60 degrees F.  This allowed the deck temperature to settle in at 56 degrees;  again, the minimum recommended application temperature for the LPU base paint that I am using with my non skid.

forward deck non-skid shown here as one coat of cross linked LPU paint sprinkled with granulated polycarbonate. The next step is to allow the particles to become fixed in place as the paint cures then rolling an additional coat of paint over this to lock the surface down.

 Home to a really nice Harken 50 winch.


Incidentally, has anyone seen the painting shown below in their grandmothers spare bedroom?  It's gone missing.  If you know where it is, please post a comment.  It's a painting by Rembrandt and it was stolen from a museum in 1980. Along with this painting, the thieves got away with approximately 500 Million dollars worth of art. I believe that it is the foremost example of properly applied deck non skid. 

the results of properly applied deck non skid 

............poor fellow in the red shirt isn't feeling too good