Lavatory / work surface material

I was fortunate to find a .06 thick laminate made from recycled plastic at Home Depot to use as a counter top / work-surface material.   This stuff is made for use in shower stalls,  I applied it using a liquid nails product and then used a lightweight vinyl quarter round as an edge treatment. In the above photo, I've yet to install the back splash and trim.

 I find it fun and challenging to source materials in alternate locations other than marine chandleries. I consider material weight in every decision.  In the long run, when it comes to maintenance I think it will be nice to not depend upon having to have specialty materials and hardware to effect possible repairs.


fuel tanks arrive

The two wedge shaped fuel tanks arrived from the fabrication shop after being TIG welded from five thousand series alloy aluminum sheet.  These tanks have internal baffles and were pressure tested to insure that there will be no leaks.

The fuel tanks will be held into position with wedge shaped  hunks of wood that will be bonded to the inside of the boat hulls.  These wedges will support the lower edges of the tanks and to prevent any risk of galvanic corrosion from affecting the tank, dyneema line will be used to lash the tanks into place under the counter tops that run down the partial length of the hulls. ( where the lavatory sinks and work spaces are positioned. )