Forward deck hatches

The F-44SC includes an option for forward deck hatches and in anticipation of equatorial stuffiness, I elected to include them.

To account for the openings, a total of 17 layers of unidirectional glass is specified to strengthen the forward decks.

Had I anticipated the need for these reinforcements, I would have applied them before the sealing primer so to insure an absolute bond, I sanded the deck back down to the glass with 36 grit.

After applying 9 layers of unidirectional glass along the edges of the hatch opening, I topped it all off with a continuous piece of peel ply which will reduce the need for sanding.  The other 8 layers of unidirectional glass will be applied to the inside edges, the opening will be cut, the foam will be hogged out and replaced with thickened epoxy then the edges will be wrapped with double bias glass tape.

Since it's a cat, the same holds true for the hulls mirror image.