bow pole pin

The carbon fiber bow pole is anchored into it's extended position with a 1 inch stainless pin.  To beef up this area, I created a "spool" section from some chloroplast ( plastic cardboard ) then wrapped glass and epoxy around the tip of the bow tube to build up a 1/2 inch thickness.

The bow tube will soon sport a few delrin spacers to allow the bow pole to slide in and out with ease. This should also improve the fit and make the juncture more secure.
internal tube that becomes the receiver for the 1 inch stainless anchor pin

internal tube bonded in place

pouring in epoxy microbaloon mix to reinforce pin tube area
( I created a "dam" with closed cell foam then poured the mix in from the top to 
provide support for the tube from the inside) 

checking the fit of the pin

I intend to use synthetic lines ( dyneema ) for the end of the bow tube so I've also fitted a larger diameter carbon stub tube to keep large brummel spliced ends in place.  Two lines go donwards towards the lower bows then one goes up the the leading edge of the mast where the screacher will fly.

This is the general idea.........


90% with 90% to go.

A walk through: