Airhead composting toilets

I chose to use Airhead composing toilets ( http://www.airheadtoilet.com/ ) both port and starboard.  These units are well made and are completely self contained.

Special note:  after finding that I was missing a vent fitting, I contacted Geof from Airhead and they quickly mailed me the fitting without question.  Customer support is outstanding for the Airhead product.

Here is the external vent for the electric air circulating fan  This component did not come with the Airhead package but I found this nice vent cover while visiting Australia.  It is Sea Bird vent item # RWB 125 from R W Basham pty ltd Australia

 a close up

This is a rather blurry photo of the fitting that houses the small fan

Here is the final install of the forward starboard side composting toilet.