Maxwell finds a home

After much fabrication, and assembly, the Maxwell 1200 windlass is now installed.  The model number is supposed to correspond to a maximum anchor pull of 1200 lbs.......  a bit overkill, but it's nice to know I won't be taxing the motor under most circumstances.

I chose to create a fairly large access door for the anchor locker mainly because it will allow me to stand inside the well when handling chain and anchor line. The windlass bracket itself also acts as a nice step down.


Fuel filler hose

Who would have guessed that fuel proof filler hose would be $25.00 per foot?   Oh well......they had it and I needed it.  Enough said. 

Here's an interior shot of my fuel filler pipe.  I chose to use aluminum tube so that I never need worry about fuel smell.  The filler hose is indeed rated for fuel.

and here's the final location of my starboard diesel fuel deck fill. The port side fill is a mirror image.