carbon paper.....

Never pass up the opportunity to use carbon paper. When you are old, you can also tell stories of the days when pencils were made of real wood...... a late night laying out the aft bunk bulkhead using carbon paper and full size templates. Posted by Picasa

aft bulkhead

Here's the aft bulkhead in the bag @ -28 in. Hg. Although this panel should turn out to be one of the nices ones yet in terms of a high fiber to resin ratio, I have convienced myself that it is not worth trying to reuse vac bags too much. It took me another 10 min with a tube stuck in my ear trying to locate and fix a couple of accidental snags that I had made while using it on a previous panel. Also...I replaced the top of my vac resin trap with a sheet of aluminum. Posted by Picasa


mast bulkhead

So here's some prep work on the mast bulkhead. This bulkhead is bomber. since I've decided to go with swing up boards, this bulkhead calls out for a total of ten layers of13oz. Uni directional glass between the passageway opening and the side of the "center" board box . The final bulkhead also has reinforcements around the top and bottom of the opening as well. Posted by Picasa

here's the cabin bulkhead "in the bag".....in the foreground you can see my resin trap that I built from a block of MDF and an acrylic bucket from wal-mart. This is a good example of how NOT to make a vacuume resin trap. Turns out that the edge porosity of MDF was enough to leak 10 in. of Hg leaving me thinking that I had a leak in my bag. Afterwards, I tested my vac pump without the trap and it pulled a full 30 in. Merc.......  Posted by Picasa

laying down the peel ply and glass for the cabin bulkhead Posted by Picasa


first posting

This is the first posting on this blog. Since I'm not really sure how all this works, it may take me a while to figure things out.

f44sc catamaran

f44sc catamaran

F-44SC Sail #01

This post will serve as a builders log for sail#01 of the Farrier F44-SC catamaran.