anti-fouling the saildrives

Interlux seems to have cornered the market on out drive paint because most people seem to use their product for this purpose. Like lemmings, I did the same.

They specify 80 grit;  then a metal primer called Primocon, followed by Trilux 33 anti fouling paint.


That's my boat.

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Took the doors off the shop today.....this is the first time I could see the whole boat.  The boat hauling people are supposed to meet me for a preliminary visit tomorrow to scope out the scene. 


centerboard caps

Here's a look at the starboard side centerboard case.  I'm just now adding the "caps" or the top portion of the cases.  I am told that at speed, hydrodynamic pressure can build up inside these cases which could make for a wet ride.  To prevent water from splashing up out of these cases, I resin infused two covers

and lined the top edges of the cases with a high density closed cell "weather" stripping.  I will screw these covers down with plenty of screws.

starboard side centerboard case.

centerboard case cover

Board control pulleys;
starboard side looking towards the stern.