Fenced-in area

Carbon stantion bases

Stantion bases being trial fitted along edge of deck. ( I haven't bonded them in place just yet)  I chose to create bases for each stantion which are permanently  bonded to the boat.  To do this, I used a 3 inch hole saw to cut a hole through the deck glass being careful not to cut through the inner glass laminate. I then dug the deck foam out and filled the void with a mixture of cabosil and epoxy.  Once cured, I sanded the high density fill area flush with the deck and covered it with two additional layers of 24 oz triaxial glass which created a strong reinforced area in which to bond the bases.

Here are the finished stantions with a temporary line attached along the top.

SNL  "Fenced in area"  Billy Bob Thorton: http://snltranscripts.jt.org/01/.phtml 

Travis: I think there's something I need to make clear about my fenced-in area. You see.. everybody in Gilbert County's got a damn fenced-in area that's cluttered with crap and brown weeds invading them like a cancer! Well, see, I'm better than that. I'm gonna make my fenced-in area an area that's neat and special, with a special purpose. And then all the naysayers will have to say, "Dammit! He really did something with his fenced-in area, and now I feel inspired to clean up my own fenced-in area!" And others will see my fenced-in area, and inspiration will go on and on and on, from person to person, just like that! [ reflective pause ] I want my fenced-in area to be an inspiration. And.. if y'all can't understand that.. then I was born in the wrong world.