fresh fluids for new engines

After consulting with the service manuals and double checking consensus from the Cruisers forum, I've added fluids to the new engines.

Turns out, Yanmar recommends Rotella 15W-40 oil and Havoline extended life coolant for the 3YM20 engines.

Havoline extended life coolant

one part concentrated coolant

one part water

in the tank


2.5 quarts of rotella T 15W-40 heavy duty diesel oil



In order to get an approximate weight of the boat, I've used two chain hoists and two 10,000 lb "fish scales" to lift the port side hull off it's cradles.  To find the total weight of the boat, I add the two measurements then multiply by 2.

weight of the port hull bow sling :    2700 #

weight of the port hull stern sling:   2750 #  

So........  2700 + 2750 = 5450 

              5450 x 2 = 10,900 #   

To reach design waterline displacement of 17000, this will allow 6,100 lbs for rig, sails, tankage and cruising gear.