non skid; non fall overboard.

Out of the thousands of methods of applying nonskid, I flipped a coin and decided to use System Three LPU polyurethane with a cross linker; applied with a small fuzzy roller then sprinkled granulated polycarbonate over the deck while it was still wet.  I let that dry then came back over it with another coat of LPU paint to lock the granules in place.   I'm pleased with the result, although it's a bit difficult to get a perfectly uniform sprinkle pattern over the deck.  I settled in on using a salt shaker sprinkling it from about 4 ft above the surface.

If I ever slip overboard it will be because I've had one too many margaritas or two too many sips of rum not because of lack of traction.

aft port side non skid

stepping up over the kick up rudder boxes

aft, starboard side non skid