more stair work

Here I've added the extra thickness along the edges of the stern. All this foam work will get sanded and shaped smooth. the hull edges will also be gouged out and capped with the usual mix of epoxy, cabosil and microbaloon filler then I'll glass this grand stairway and move along to the starboard hull. When ever I feel like I've made some progress, I look up and realize that there's another hull waiting for me.


port side boarding steps

Here's a little progress made towards building the aft steps. I haven't built the lower step and this will involve boxing in a structure that will house the rudder bearing and it will have the ability to pivot up. I chose to create a slightly rounded cascading detail that eliminates any exposed step corners. Also, the next step is to add another layer of foam along the stern hull edges. The fun part will be going at this thing with a bunch of sanders and shaping tools so that it'll have a nice sculpted form