Learning curves

Here's a rugged and practical edge detail that I came up with for various storage compartment openings.  The final detail will include netting that should keep gear in place in the event that we encounter waves on the ocean.

Here are five learning curves.  I decided to thermo form 3/4 in. PVC pipe for use as edge detail around the openings in composite panels.   As you can see, it took me a while to work out a method to produce smooth curves. After many failed attempts. I settled in on the following technique.  I found that uniform curves can be made by filling a section of pipe with sand and capping the ends.  I then used a heat gun to heat the bend area. In order to produce a uniform bend, it was necessary to apply differential heat to the bend area. To keep the inner bend radius from wrinkling, if the outer bend area is kept slightly hotter, this allows it to stretch while the cooler inner portion resists the compressive forces that would otherwise cause the pipe to wrinkle.

Once I produced shapes that matched my openings, I then set the guide of my table saw to allow me to cut a section out of the pipe to create edging.

Here's one of the interior storage openings fitted with the edging.

and again, here's a few examples of this edging being used around two storage compartments that are located inside the cockpit.