Center Bridge deck stringer

Any variations involving structural aspects of the design must be approved by the Designer Ian Farrier. Here is a representation of how I have interpreted the center section is to be built. I e-mailed the designer for clarification and received a quick response and approval.

shaping the bridge deck stringers

The under side of the center bridge deck floor gets some really strong fore and aft support stringers. Your looking at what will become the under side of the cabin bridge deck floor section. That chunk of foam will become the core of one of three stringers that support this section. The center stringer will incorporate line guides that will allow halyards to be led back into the cock pit.

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the basics

After a couple of years of laying glass, I've settled in on a very effective method of performing a surface lamination over core cell foam. Here are the simple steps that I use:

1. build mold
2. fasten foam to mold
3. skim coat the surface of the foam w0 micro and epoxy
4. let cure to the touch and rough sand any slight imperfections
5. roll out a good wet coat of epoxy using 3/8 Knapp half roller
6. roll out glass
7. roll top coat of epoxy and let soak down into the epoxy that is soaking upwards
9. roll on the peel ply
10. use bondo spreaders to smooth out excess resin in the direction of lamination.......do 3 to 4 ft sections at a time moving in one continuous direction.

works for me........

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glassing the bridge deck

rolling out 32 oz. triaxial glass onto the bridge deck.

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Bridgedeck floor

I've added curved mold forms to the side of my vac bag table to form a mold for the bridge deck. This will allow me to create the forward portion of the bridge deck.

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