Got to have a place for the Frozen fish and some cold beer.

I took a little time to create a CAD drawing of the type of fridge / freezer that I want to have on board and I'm planning on building it in the next week.  I'm hoping that it will come out looking something like this.  I'll be chopping foam, slinging tape measures around like swords and knocking this thing out free style.

I've been doing a fair amount of studying about marine fridge freezer systems and I've decided to build my own.  A helpful book that I just read was "Refrigeration for Pleasure Boats" by Nigel Calder.  It is a pretty basic book but gives some nice illustrations of simple boxes.  I chose a full "Frigoboat" component system because I like the idea of the pre charged lines, electronic speed control option that reduces the compressor RPM to meet the demand and I liked the modular aspect.  Also, since I'm headed south, I'm using a keel cooler condenser to dump the heat into the water rather than heating up the cabin.  



Here's my excuse for my delayed progress on the Cat.....It's fricking cold and I am a misplaced Southerner born and breed.
Here are a few projects that haunt me:
  1. Boxing in the swing up rudders
  2. building the top loading fridge freeze boxes with Frigoboat mechanicals w/ keel cooler
  3. glassing strips supports for hull floor boards
  4. finishing out all four state rooms
  5. coordinating the build of the mast, boom and standing rigging ( Ballenger Spars)
  6. Overseeing sail construction ( Doyle Sails)
  7. detailing engines:  exhausts, filters. through hulls, etc.
  8. installing R.O. watermaker
  9. Building out interior bridge-deck living space
  10. Electrical system ( planning on keeping it simple )
...........but who's counting?