starboard hull hanging in the breeze

Here's a picture of the mold being broken down while the hull is suspended from the shop rafters. Notice the stack of mold forms in the lower right hand corner of the photo.

disassembling the mold

Next step........reaching around and unscrewing all the screws that hold all the stringers onto the mold forms.

lift in process

Here's the hull being lifted off the forms. Notice the plastic strips that were placed along the plank seams to keep excess glue from sticking to the stringers.

lifting the starboard side hull

Finally........time to lift the starboard side hull off the mold. I first used an automotive jack and a length of 2x4 placed under the forward bulkhead and lifted the hull about two inches off the mold. This gave me enough room to slip lifting straps under the hull in three places. Using three chain hoists strapped to the rafters, I then lifted the hull about a foot high to provide access to the screws that hold the stringers to the mold forms.