forgive the tangent post

hi guys....headed back to Alabama to get my dad's John Hanna Gulfweed "Lyncoya" back in shape for a nice sail in mobile bay with friends and family then headed back up to Hood River, OR.   Too bad the cooler's not big enough for all the cold drinks we'd need for all you blog followers.

I'll be back in oregon in two weeks to finish the cat then we're gonna load up the family, sail down the west coast through the panama canal and stop in again  to Fly creek Marina in Fairhope, Alabama to make sure the bildge is dry in my dads boat.  From there,  it's on towards the west indease and maybe trace some of the return voyages of that Chris Columbus guy who decimated the local population of north america..

I'll place a few before and after shots of "Lyncoya" in the next post then I'll resume posting the rest of the build of this F-44SC Cat.  "Mariana".

Sorry for the tangent post.......


On-board sanitation

After researching marine sanitation systems, it was a clear choice to decide upon  "Air Head" marine toilets. With the boat being outfitted for both owner and guest accommodations, each hull will have it's  own bathroom ( head).  These are really nice units.  They are fully compliant with  "No Discharge" regulations as  U.S Coast Guard approved type III marine heads. USCG Certification

Here's the link:  http://www.airheadtoilet.com/