Integrated H2O tanks

While waiting for the Awlgrip paint materials to arrive,  I decided to use the time to construct the panels necessary to create built in water tanks.  These tanks will be installed on both port and starboard side hulls along the bilge area just in front of the forward bulkhead.  Although it is good practice to keep weight central, these tanks may come in handy if we really feel the need to stockpile water. When not in use as water tanks, they could also be used as "dry" storage areas.

Two water tanks can be built by bonding these four panels into the lower sections of both hulls. 

Here, I've placed 24 oz triaxial glass on both sides of 3/4 inch structural foam core and for good measure, I also added a bit of unidirectional reinforcements to make the panels a little stronger in case heavy seas cause the water in the tanks to slosh about.  I also intend to install cross baffles with holes in them to dampen internal water movement.