Top Coat

Day one :

Cabin top
rudder boxes
targa bar

Painting is a nerve wracking venture.  Lot's of things have to go right for the end result to be satisfactory.  If one or more things go wrong, the job can cascade into a complete disaster.

After going over the areas that I intended to paint with a smooth cloth, I committed to mixing paint and beginning the application of the topcoat.

After mixing my paint, I began to adjust and make final preparations to the Binks model 95 gun and pressure pot.  Just as I was screwing the flow control valve out a bit, the spring popped out and went flying across the shop.

You can't paint a boat if your paint gun has disintegrated.  At this stage, my heart rate began to rise such that I started seeing small bunny rabbits peek their heads into the shop.  I crawled around on my hands and knees until I found it.

I set the gun pressure to 46 psi and the pressure pot to 12 psi and began...........

port side cabin top

kick up rudder boxes

details of frangible shear pin holders which allow rudders to kick up if some goofball sailor runs out of water. 

I learned a great deal today and was able to make fine adjustments to my equipment to optimize the application process. 

tomorrow is a big day: 

port and starboard mid cabin sides
forward deck
bow beam
aft cabin panel
aft cabin tops and sides