Super lightweight carbon fiber salon table

I created a carbon table top by vacuum bagging 12 oz. carbon fiber over inch and an eighth structural foam, then sanding and finishing the top with automotive clear coat. It's really glossy.  To prevent beverages from sliding off the table while under way, I will hold them in my hand.

Here's a photo of my rounded edge carbon fiber table top.  This table is very lightweight and strong.  I could balance it on one finger.  I used a surplus carbon fiber tube of ample diameter as a base and I can sit on the edge of it with no sign of deflection.

Carbon Stanchions.....I guess there will be no sanctioned racing for this boat.

I used my metal lathe to create machined aluminum stanchion ends and drilled holes through them so that they would serve to hold the upper lines. In this instance, I am using 1/4 inch pre stretched dyneema line rather than stainless steel. ( lighter and stronger with minimal stretch )

for the lower life lines, I used heavy duty shrink tubing to anchor small harken lashing eyes to the stanchion tubes.  This worked really well and produced a neat look.

freezing in the fridge

With the freezer section set to 19 deg, the fridge side settled in at 20 deg......much too cold for a fridge.  I discovered that the temporary barrier that I had use as a "spillover" barrier did not seat firml against the edges of the fridge so cold air was making it's way right into the fridge side rendering it essentially part of the freezer.  Next step will be to create an insulated barrier with a thermostatically controlled spillover fan.  This should allow me to control both the freezer temp and the fridge temp.