High density keel strip

I have temporarily clamped the high density foam strip in place along the keel. I've scribed a pencil mark along the under side.......next step is to run the skill saw along the line, cutting the edge free so that the 12# / ft^3 foam can be glued in place along what will become the hull join line.


starboard inner hull foam

here's an "in progress" photo of laying pre-thermoformed and fitted corecell planks onto the forward portion of the inner starboard hull form mold.

I found it quicker and easier to thermoform and fit ten inch wide planks and temporarily tack them in place with 2in. x 2in.x1/4in. squares here and there with one sheet rock screw. Once I had ten or so planks formed and ready to edge glue, I numbered them, with a sharpy pen then switched over to the gluing process.

This seemed to go quicker than forming, fitting and gluing one plank at a time.