hand hold base plates in the snow

After welding the lower hand hold base plate holders,  I tossed them in the snow to cool them down.  This had nothing to do with any sort of metallurgical strategy; rather they were hot and I had a hard time holding them.

 Mystery pieces......


interior poles for hand holds

To provide hand holds along the length of the interior  hulls, i've decided to offer a few vertical posts that run from the lower interior parts of the  hull to the cabin tops.  I'm using aluminum plates with holes that I will bond in place with epoxy.  The epoxy covered holes should provide a good grip which will prevent the plates from moving.

some of the top and bottom post anchor plates to be bonded in place. 
notice the under side of each plate has been scored to provide good epoxy bonding. I will weld receivers to these plates so that these carbon fiber hand hold posts can be anchored to these base plates; top and bottom,  then epoxy glued in place.


Theoretic boat ride to Santa Cruz, CA

to go for a motor boat ride to see my brother in Santa Cruz, here's the deal: