Rolling around in Western Australia

Well, aside from getting nothing at all accomplished on the boat, I've managed to have one of  the most enjoyable days on record.

Rolling around doing nothing and having a fine time doing it.  


Cheating the winter time

I must confess that I have abandoned my shop and cheated the pacific northwest winter again by visiting wonderful friends in Fremantle, Australia......it's the middle of summer time here and I needed it.

and epoxy doesn't cure well when it's cold so I mustn't feel guilty for the lack of progress on this cat.

Bathers beach, Fremantle Australia

"J" Shed Studios
 Working with the renown Greg James for a month:

Imagine wanting to drag whales into the streets of Fremantle enough to carve a tunnel through a bluff. Human beings once did this and thousands of whales were killed and dragged through this tunnel to be rendered into soap, whale oil to burn. 

May no whale ever be dragged through this tunnel again!