The finished cabin door

I installed a carbon fiber door handle and then bonded the window to the door frame.  As a subliminal message to would be thieves, I machined an aluminum "Bullet" end cap for the door handle.

Installing the mainsail traveller

 The mainsail traveller is held in place with thirty six 5/16 stainless steel flat head screws.  I used aluminum backing plates to spread the load along the stern cross beam.

36 stainless steel screws

 here is the traveller end with backing plate

middle backing plates. 
( note the PEX water lines ; middle and one of the port side steering pulleys; lower )


Awgripping the salon door

OK, I'm not really planning on having a hair salon on the boat so let's just call this the "cabin" door.

The outside temperature in the Pacific Northwest was a nice 75 degrees F with a slight ghost of a breeze so I just placed the door up on a few stands in the drive and sprayed it with three coats of Awlcraft 2000. A couple of unlucky gnats met their demise but aside from that, it turned out real nice.

Tomorrow, it's time to install the window and carbon fiber tube handle then mount it to the boat permanently.