how many sanding pictures can I post?????

am improvised scaffolding to provide access to my targa bar.

My paint mixing table.

the deck primed in Awlgrip 545 white base.

 forward deck primed in 545

I wasn't really happy with the transition radius between the cabin and the top deck so I spent an entire afternoon applying filler along the radius and working it down into a neat and clean transitional radius. I used a soft foam block, some 100 grit paper and a stainless steel wire brush to unclog the paper as I went along. 

I'm getting dangerously close to being ready to lay down the final topcoat!!!

I chose Awlgrip " Stark White" as my final color as it actually  has a slight warm color that will go well with my sand colored non skid areas that I will use on the decks.

Breathing a little easier.....

Although I replaced the oil in my vintage craftsman compressor that I have been using as a forced air respirator source with vegetable oil, I took the advice of a wise blog reader and devised a nice carbon filter cartridge that I placed in line with my full face mask.  I  made this canister by purchasing two carbon filter elements and fitted them in side two large PVC end caps then drilled holes for inlet and outlet tubes then taped the whole thing together.

the resulting air is a fresh as a daisy and it makes painting a real pleasure.  It cost about 16 bucks to make and it works beautifully.