I can't drive 55

After two stove loads full of wood, the 60ft metal shop came up to temperature such that the substrate made it to 55 deg F.......minimum application temp for my non skid paint.

the above photograph is an example of poor quality imagery.  

Since I dropped my really nice Cannon camera off the deck of the boat onto the cement floor, I have been reduced to taking photos with a phone.  My I mac doesn't recognize the device since I switched from an iphone to a android so I had to load the photo onto the desktop of windows computer, attach it into an email to myself, go to my mac, open up my email account on this computer,  go to finder, drag copy the photo onto the mac desktop, open blogger, then import the photo into this post.........5 back doors to get a photo into this post this time is no good. 

regardless, you can barely see 55.3 F on my little non contact thermometer.

funny thing:  While trying to get the surface time up to 55, they played this on the radio today.
since this is the original 1980s video, they make you watch a 30 sec commercial. click the link, go get a drink of water, then come back and watch it. 

Now it's......
"I can't drive 85"