Fancy foam fitting feat

Here's a simple technique for fitting a strip of foam to an irregular curve. The foam piece that you see mid photo needs to fit against the lower surfaces so I've temporarily clamped it a full width higher than it will eventually sit. I then took a scrap or stick and used it to scribe the curve by moving the stick up along the curve while making dots with a sharpy. From there, it's a pretty easy exercise in connecting the dots and cutting the excess off. You can spend a lot of time making paper templates and trying to cut things perfect but using little tricks like this can help keep things moving along.

starboard boarding steps

You're looking down at what will eventually become the starboard side stern boarding steps. I've taken a little extra care to sculpt some nice rounded curves to avoid having corners that may some day bruise the hips of careless bikini clad super-models if they try to board the boat in a chop.