a little more work to do....


Although many enlightened people believe that WalMart is evil, where else are you going to find the stuff to make a (TIMCPGAD) Thermally insulated moisture cure polyurethane glue aplication device?

Since it's a bit cool in the shop at night, I found it easier to edge glue my foam planks if the glue is kept warm. ( otherwise, you need a kung-fu grip to apply the glue )

TIMCPGAD supplies:

1) plastic ketchup/mustard squirter bottle ( kitchen stuff)
2) a piece of that mylar emergency blanket plastic ( camping department)
3) insulated water bottle cover ( it will be there somewhere..... just keep looking )

I wrapped the ketchup bottle a few times with the plastic film then just slipped the whole deal into the bottle holder. I keep all my glue and epoxy in a converted refregerator that has a 150W bulb attached to a thermostat switch set at 85 deg F.

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starboard foam work

Here's the 3/4 in. outer starboard hull foam with the 1 in. thick cabin portion in view on the right. Tomorrow I plan on adding the deck foam and coaming.

Since I'm laying all the foam into the mold by myself, I'm using screws and plywood squares to hold things where I want them. Next, I'll screw a million screws in from the outside so that I can remove all the squares and fair the foam in preparation for the inside glass work.

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