Earths orbit around the sun

I feel the need to apologize for the lack of progress made good towards getting this ship into the waters.  My excuse has been the annual decrease in the ambient temperature which tends to reduce my ability to really get things done.  Epoxy becomes difficult to work, paint fails to cure, glue doesn't stick and my opposable thumb and fore fingers become ineffective tools.

I see no way to prevent the orbit of our earth around the sun.  Endless summers await us when this cat slips into the sea......ah, the thought of spring time in New Zealand and Australia.

Please offer my gift of an uplifting film entitled "Accidental Eden".  If you find yourself in the northern hemisphere at this time, make yourself a cuppa and take the time to watch this video.

Unfortunately for us Americans, this place is off limits so for the rest of the worlds travelers, please take care of this place before the embargo is lifted and the cancerous growth of american development threatens to destroy this gem.  It's places like this that inspire me to finish this cat.

for the full episode, copy and paste this link into your browser bar:


Happy Holidays to all!