port centerboard hull slot

Here's the port side hull centerboard slot. This photo was taken looking from stem to stern.  When the cases are bonded and glassed in place, I'll smooth all the edges down and taper the aft portion of the slot to reduce hydrodynamic drag........may even incorporate gap seals similar to those used in the aircraft world. ( I once had a RAY windsurfer with the kick down centerboard fin that had a nice set of flexible gap seals that closed when the board was down....... )

Port case in its place

Port center board case trimmed and fitted.........next step: glassing in place

starboard case in its place

Starboard Centerboard case trimmed and fitted........next step: glassing in place


post cure

Since it's a little cool inside the ship,  I created a post cure "oven" with a little used vac bag and a 750W heater.  Notice the big gaping hole in the port side hull.  that hole will soon be occupied by the port side centerboard case.

port side webs in place

After using a generous amount of a mixture of cabosil, micro balloons and epoxy ( 16 oz of B side, 32 oz of A side, 64 oz of cabosil, 32 oz of micro balloons ) all of the webs are seen here bonded into position.  Once all of the edges of the webs were bedded in with the mixture, two staggered layers of 6 in. glass tape were placed over all of the seams and then smoothed over with peel ply.

foam fillets

Here are the foam fillets that have been numbered to make the bonding procedure a little less confusing.

port side centerboard hull reinforcement

The port side hull reinforcement webs are seen here temporarily placed into position.  The numbers correspond to triangular foam fillet pieces that have been prepared in anticipation of bonding the entire assembly into position.