Nothing like a saturday morning in the shop

.... here's a little clip of some of the layout and prep work that I did before laying down the reinforcing areas inside the starboard side hull. I used a sharpy pen to mark where I intend to lay the glass. One interesting outcome of doing this is that the marks show through and can be used for reference later on.


miles and miles of peel ply......

Your looking at the interior starboard side deck and cabin reinforcement areas. The darker sections in the middle of each reinforcement area is uni-directional glass. These areas receive extra glass so that structural loads can be transfered into the bulkheads. All areas shown are covered with peel ply so that when the time comes to bond in the bulkheads, strips of peel ply can be removed as needed.

I'd rather roof a house in New Orleans........ in the noon day sun ........in august; rather than sand fiberglass so I don't mind using miles and miles of peel ply.