another shot looking forward ....

Preparing the hull sections:

The inner starboard shell is seen here hanging from the rafters of the shop about 10 inches shy of the final resting place. Since I opted to use the foam strips where the bulkheads meet the hulls, I've got a fair amount of scribing, fitting and trimming to do before I invite my friends over for a big cake decorating icing bag, bonding party.........( come to think of it, I need to make sure that I cut the internal access holes in the forward bulkheads so I don't accidentally bond one of my friends into the forward compartments by mistake)

now mixing the epoxy........

bagging the epoxy in preparation of application to the bulkhead edges.....


fitting the inner starboard hull section

After a few hours of winching, strapping, grunting, pulling, pushing and pouting......I managed to wrangle the inner starboard side hull section into the general position over the starboard side hull section. From here, I'll spend some time lowering, marking, cutting, lowering check fitting, re-marking, raising, cutting and trial fitting things in preparation of bonding the two hull sections together.


more inspections....

Tang is seen here inspecting the high density foam section of the starboard bow bulkhead. The stem bulkhead is glassed in on the inside and has only been rough cut for now on the outside. From this section forward, will be solid foam shaped and glassed over to form the bow stems.

dragging the inner starboard side hull half

My inner starboard side hull half had to spend a little time in the cold sitting outside by itself along the side of the shop. I glassed it inside and out and decided that the peel ply would prevent any real UV damage. Since it only had to deal with the low winter time sun of the Pacific Northwest, it didn't seem to be any worse for wear.

Todays challenge will to use three chain hoists, straps, levers inclined planes, rollers, ropes, come-alongs, ratchet straps, and mental telekinesis to position this hull section over the outer hull section that is waiting in the mold.

Starboard side bulkheads

Here's Tang walking the plank beside the outer starboard side hull section. I ran this plank along the center line tops of the mold forms to create a convenient walkway.