"Should I go to the gym tomorrow?"

After using a v groove trowel to apply epoxy / micro on the lower inside portions of both hulls, now the fun begins..... The goal here is to create sweeping curves that show no indications of any surface variations resulting from the thermo forming and edge gluing of the molded core cell foam.

In the plans, Ian Farrier has a foot note saying that all fairing can be done while each hull quarter section is facing upwards.   Here I am paying the price:

after using this highly dangerous 3 ft long 5 h.p. hydraulic belt sander, I found that switching over to a manual "long board" allowed me to fine tune the surface and knock down the high points with a little more deft and control.

Note:  I'm using a full face respirator fitted with micro dust filters as well as a good pair of hearing protectors.