sea life entangled in catamaran netting

To provide attachment points for the bow netting,  I glassed carbon fiber tubes over the edges of the front bow deck, along inside forward hull and along the bow beam.  I Then used a one inch hole saw to create openings every 6 inches.  When I install my netting ( dyneema Ultra-cross) I'll run fiberglass rods through the tubes and lace dyneema through the holes, around the internal rod and back to the tramps.  The center plank between the tramps has chamfered holes through high density filler.  I chose this option because it seemed to be the smoothest method of attachment which should prevent me from stubbing my toes on hooks, fittings and other methods of attachments and I think it results in a nice clean flowing look.

then again..............

one of the hazards of these types of nets is that sea life has been known to become entangled in them.