A three hour cure

Today I performed the second to last lamination of all of the interior bulkheads that will be used in the forward starboard section.  Since the temperature was around 80 degrees today, this resulted in an approximate three hour cure.......


Owners Starboard European Day Spa

The forward starboard quarter is being built out as a full European day spa with  facilities including individual massage stations that offer opportunities for self manicure, pedicure as well as private meditation time that can be performed on a special circular seating device.  Also, particular attention is being made to enhance personal hair and skin care offering an experience not unlike standing in the rain.

 I have found that one of the most helpful tools to allow this has been the laser level.  My brother gave me a nice unit that produces horizontal vertical and combined illuminations that can be used to scribe precise lines onto curved surfaces so that complex shaped bulkheads can be built.  After shaping all of the panels and securing them temporarily in place, I remove them all and then laminate both sides of the structural foam to create lightweight building panels that will also add rigidity to the hull itself.


"perspective.....use it or loose it" Richard Bach

My buddy John and I were flying around the Gorge and I snapped this shot of the 60 ft. shop, the 40 ft bus and the 54 ft. mast