Grandmas Isocynate biscuits.... AWLGRIP primer surfacer

AwlGrip contains isocynates and other stuff that will do great harm to carbon based life forms like myself.  In the past, neglegent release of this compound was responsible for over 2000 deaths in Bhopal india. .  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bhopal_Disaster To prevent myself from becoming another victim,  I configured a nice forced air breathing apparatus.  

 If you happen to have a vintage craftsman air compressor, I have found that it is possible to use one to configure a nice,  workable forced air breathing apparatus.  I did this by flushing the crank case of this old slow speed four cylinder compressor and replacing the lubricant with vegetable oil. I attached a long flexible tube to the outlet and ran it to one of the filter elements that screw on the a full faced mask.  To do this, I simply drilled a hole in the side of a filter unit and taped up the front inlet of both filters. When worn, it sort of smells like my grandmothers kitchen when she was making biscuits. That's a much nicer smell than Isocynate.

Here I am sitting on the starboard side aft bridge deck after painting the boa† with her first coat of AWLGRIP 8003 high build primer surfacer.  This stuff is really nice.  It's a two part epoxy primer that cures into a very robust coating that sands as smooth as glass.  

port side stern boarding steps

port side bow

starboard bridge deck, targa bar and stern dingy landing deck.

port side view.