The power of Water.....@ 90,000 psi

Water Jet technology is truly amazing.  The particular machine that cut these parts uses 90,000 psi water infused with small rubies (garnet).  A tiny orifice allows the high pressure water and "grit" to simply wear away anything that come into contact with the stream.  This includes, but is not limited to, glass, steel, plastics, wood, stone and...........finger bones. 

Here are the side plates of the anchor roller.  Next, I will weld flanges onto the concave, curved portions of each plate so that they can be bonded to the lower side of the bow beam.  I may take these parts back over to the shop before I do this and have them cut lightening holes in them to save a little more weight. After this, I'll give the parts a good sand blasting and send them off to be anodized.

Here are a few components of my steering system.  Hint:  After they receive keyways, the blocks are to be bolted around the upper rudder shafts. In later posts, I will reveal the new steering design.

 Again, these parts were water jet cut from solid 2 inch thick aluminum plate!


Rather than run the parts over to the water jet, I just used a hand held saber saw
to cut a couple of lightening holes in the anchor roller plates.

This weight savings gained by the removal of two aluminum discs will allow me to carry one additional beer while marginally affecting strength. When installed, these plates will also have diagonal bracing that will transfer side loads back into the bow beam.