Varifying the varifications.....

It's always good to have someone check all the layout dimension before taking a power planner after anything. although it's always possible to glue foam back into place if you make a mistake, it can save some time. Here, the inspector is checking the location of the centerboard pivot pin. He has also made various marks on his legs........perhaps to test the functionality of the writing instruments.


the boards

So here's the full size template of the centerboard. The gap in between will actually measure 27 inches and both of the templates are seen here taped onto a 4 x 8 sheet of core cell.

The plan is to slice most of my scraps into uniform widths, laminate them into a 4 sheet thick plug and vac bag the block into one solid blank. Various sections are comprised of high density material ( I'm planning on using straight grain 1/4 sawn Douglas fir for the internal sheer portion of the spar. Since this piece is going to be encapsulated thoroughly and capped with multiple layers of glass and epoxy, I will not feel that bad about using wood as an internal spar.

Next comes the fun part. The plan is to build a 3D Cad file of the boards and have them cut on a CNC router. If it was summer, you can bet I'd have these things on a couple of saw horses in the sunshine and just shape them with a power planner like two long boards .

Soulfull tools

Special thanks to Barney of Hood River, Oregon for passing along his Grandfathers saw. I think most good tools seem to hold the presence of past owners. This is a good because table saws, in particular, have been known to throw things across the shop for reasons unknown to the living. New table saws do not come with the watchful presence of past owners.

It's good to know that Barneys grandfather and I will both be watching out for my fingers.