TIP of the day

IF you are careless enough to ever get epoxy on your skin
, apple cider vinegar can be used to clean uncured epoxy off skin.

and if you can stand it, take a small sip. A little bit of vinegar is supposed to be good for you.

Confederate soldiers were also known to have kept a small bottle of vinegar with them at all times for medicinal purposes.

peace, love and understanding....

It's good to have a partner that let's you use the kitchen sink to warm up your epoxy.


interior glassing of starboard side hull section

So I tried a different method and it seems to have worked out better for me.

Rather than apply peel ply in separate 90 degree sections, I decided to cover the roll of glass with a roll of peel ply at the same time and in the same direction. ( from stem to stern)

Here you can see the resulting lower glassing job of the interior starboard side hull section. I've overlapped the upper run three inches down the full length. Although it takes a little while to get the job done, I lay down about a five foot section at a time by applying resin to the foam, rolling the 24 oz. triaxial glass down over the wet section, rolling resin on top of that, then I start the roll of peel ply on top of that and using a "bondo" spreader, I work any excess resin out towards the direction of travel. Repeating this process one section at a time gets me down the entire length of the hull in about 4 hrs. Working things down this way lets me go at my own pace and if I don't want to finish the entire length, laying down 40lb. bags of wood pellets over the stopping point insures that the glass/resin stays flat against the foam until the next day ( or evening if its a "work " day).