Bagging the inner, port centerboard case side

Since my vac bag table spent the winter outside in the rain, I had to spend a little extra time preparing it to be used again.

This time, I screwed three full sheets of tongue and groove 3/4 in plywood to a framework of 2x4's and sheathed the whole thing with a 15 X 9 ft. sheet of thick rubber pond liner. My logic here is that I only have to use one sheet of vac bag every time I create a part because I am able to simply seal the top membrane to the lower rubber sheet and use it over and over again. By placing the entire platform up on a few sets of car jack stands, It also provides a nice comfortable , clean work surface.

In this photo, you can see the yellow rubber vac bag tape along the edges of the rectangular vacuum bag area. Also, here are a few more things to notice:

the vacuum manifold can be seen inside the bag on the left. To distribute the vacuum pressure, I use a 1/2 in piece of plastic cpvc pipe with lot's of holes drilled in it. This gets wrapped in breather material and insures that good uniform vacuum pressure is maintained along the entire part.

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