little crew member

So it's never too soon to start rounding up a good crew.......In stead of hiring one, we just decided to make our own. We named him after my dad Everett then tacked on "Ocean" for good measure.

If you decide to make your own crew members, keep in mind, at two weeks old, they are not much help around the shop. I showed him how to use my grandfathers block plane and asked him to smooth down a portion of the starboard side hull foam but since he's really not able to hold his head up, this prevented him from making much progress.


tell me that's tropical white sand and not snow....

In a few years, this hull section will be floating somewhere in warm tropical waters.  For now, it's resting patiently beside my shop here in the pacific NW waiting for me to finish the starboard side section so that I can bond it in place to produce the starboard hull.