Fitting windows

After cutting the windows on a CNC router table, the next step was to fit them to the existing openings.    This required drilling evenly spaced holes along all edges.  I found that by bolting my drill press to the side of my work bench and adding a bearing as a guide, I could drill the holes a precise distance from the edge.

Also, a handy tool for determining spacing, is an accordion style guide tool.  This tool allows even spacing to be made between two end points. 

guide for determining even spacing

drilling edge holes

temporarily mounted windows

port side cabin window


constructional stretch

To remove the constructional stretch from the dyneema steering "cables",  I  used my tractor to apply a considerable amount of tension to 100 ft. of new 1/4 inch line.  This line is single braid 12 strand sk75 dyneema with a breaking strength stronger than steel so to compact the strands, this method worked surprisingly well....... In low gear, I think I could have pulled the telephone pole down.

attachment to my tractor

attachment to a telephone pole

pre tensioning

100 ft of tight rope

resulting brummel spliced steering "cables"